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EXCLUSIVE: Push Controls Set To Crank Up Apple Automation

Scheduled to make a keynote presentation in Sydney, Push Controls Managing director Ben Green confirmed the company has established key relationships with executives in AV, lighting, security, climate control and energy management industries in an effort to expand their Apple automation offering. 

Green recognises that the naturally competitive segregation of technology retailers, manufacturers and installers has led to the anarchic independence of technology, where one piece of technology operates independently to another. In a statement to ChannelNews, Green said “the promise of an integrated home has been hindered by the segregation between the vertical market solutions.”

Take the hearth-like television for example. It is sold from a knowing manufacturer to a less knowledgeable retailer, who then sells it to a consumer who has an independent installer come in and set it up. Four different components operating independently with one another, even though they’re all dealing with the same kit of technology.

Additionally, most television systems require their own independent management from their supposed-to-be-counterpart surround sound systems. Instead of working together in harmony, often the TV’s menu button won’t work on an entertainment system, even though it has the same button on its remote.

Surely a universal remote will bridge the gap between these two devices, but Push Controls seems to be addressing this problem on a larger scale.

“Our Ambassador program allows the leading brands in each of the respective fields to become part of a greater network of delegates that include retailers, installers, manufacturers and developers. This collaborative approach offers a greater opportunity of shared resource across the industry as a whole.”

The company’s direction aims to bridge the gap between vertical industries, hopefully resulting in the interdependence of buying a product, installing it and ultimately controlling it: a seamless approach to household technology.

Green also revealed some of the more exciting developments are in energy management, remote security and retro fit lighting, as the smart house market is always open to greener solutions.

“Whilst our relationship with the big brands allows us to cater for existing demands in integration, the emerging market for products that offer environmental benefits ensures that the endeavour for smarter and greener homes is fast becoming an affordable reality.”

Currently Push Controls software is available on the iOS iPad and iPhone, and gives home users control to their security system, sonos, lighting, climate control, blinds, TV and Foxtel. According to their website, it requires an initial 3-5 hour installation, which then enables users to jump on their home Wi-Fi and control various components of their home through the downloaded application.

The company plans on releasing an application tailored to Android tablets and phones, but they have yet to announce an expected release date.

Check out a demo on their website here.