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Oz Consumer Want More From Smart TV

Australian consumers reportedly want more than just television from their Smart TV’s as research reveals 70% express an interest in other types of apps beyond movies and TV shows.

Internet connectivity has taken traditional television and added greater functionality beyond just viewing moving images on a screen, with TVs able to stream music, display cooking recipes, the daily news, and gaming.

According to research by YouGov reported on by DigitalTrends, movies and TV shows are no longer enough for the average Australian consumer, as 48% use their smart TV as the primary device for viewing content.

When it does come to smart homes, 79% of users expressed an interest in wanting to control household smart devices through their TV.

Many smart TVs are beginning to include smart assistant capabilities such as Alexa or the Google Assistant, though again, functionality is dependent on compatibility through services.

Fortunately, with the desire by Amazon to create the Voice Interoperability Initiative for voice-enabled products in order to provide flexibility and choice to consumers, our TVs may get even smarter than they already were.

However, this doesn’t mean that smart TVs are the most efficient way to view content, with users spending an average of four to eleven minutes finding content depending on whether they knew what they were searching for or not.

One reason for this was due to slow TV interfaces, with many users identifying casting features as the fastest way to view content on a smart TV, thus bypassing any clumsy UI.

However, the reported survey by YouGov does not reveal any statistics surrounding external smart devices such as the Google Chromecast or Apple TV, that can be added to non-smart TVs for extended functionality such as voice control, which is a preferred feature over physical navigation according to 61% of respondents.

In regards to finding content across streaming providers, 40% reported frustration in requiring multiple services to access specific content.

This may have some bearing on the 38% of respondents who still use a traditional television.

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