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Galaxy Watch Active2 Enters Oz Market

Samsung’s latest smartwatch, the sleek and customisable Galaxy Watch Active2, is now locally available from selected Australian retailers in both aluminium and premium stainless-steel casing variants.

Bringing a new level of style and connectivity to smartwatches and fitness trackers, the Watch Active2 is designed to provide users with more flexibility, mobile connectivity, customisation and personalised wellness tools.

The new Galaxy Watch Active2 range is priced between $549 to $799 and is available in seven different models and three different colours (black, gold and rose gold).

It features double the number of sensors compared to its predecessor and is capable of monitoring a user’s stress levels and sleep, as well as having the ability to track up to 39 different exercises.

It is also LTE and Bluetooth enabled and features a new digital bezel for easier navigation through the device.

With larger and more sensors than ever before, to support a range of fitness and wellness tracking tools, users now get more accurate measurements and insights to easily monitor.

The addition of customisable watch faces via Samsung’s My Style means users can now take a photo of a colour scheme or pattern and digitally create a custom watch face to match.

“Today, Australians expect more than just a piece of wearable tech that tells the time and counts their steps,” said Garry McGregor, vice-president, IT & Mobile, Samsung Australia.

“They want devices that can help to enhance their lives and reflect their personal style.”

“The Galaxy Watch Active2 range does this by introducing true standalone connectivity and a refined user experience, alongside all the wellness support features that Australians have come to expect from Samsung.”

For more information, visit the Samsung website here.

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