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OZ Company BlueAnt Takes On The Big Sound Brands Backed By Big Retailers

It’s very easy in the world of consumer technology to take the view that everything is better from an overseas supplier, this is not the case with BlueAnt who are an Australian Company that manufactures cutting edge portable sound and speaker devices.

Melbourne based this Company is a key partner of both Telstra and JB Hi Fi two of the biggest retailers in the consumer electronics market.

BlueAnt Founder Taisen Maddern

Established in 2004 by CEO Taisen Maddern the Companies heritage is back in the days when smartphones were new, and consumers wanted an early Bluetooth device or face heavy penalties.

The BlueAnt products which were sold by Telstra and Optus in Australia also took off in the USA where carriers such as AT & T and Sprint chose to sell an Australian product over a US made device.

The devices became extremely popular.

An early BlueAnt Product

They were marketed as handsfree speakerphone for a safer, legal alternative to talking on your mobile phone while driving, you could also affix the device to the sun-visor via a two-sided magnetic clip.

The BlueAnt product had full duplex, high-performance speaker; DSP noise cancellation/echo cancellation and automatically adjusted sound levels to compensate for loud engine noise and wind.

Realising that the life cycle of these products was set to come to an end in 2011 as automotive manufacturers started to build Bluetooth into motor vehicles, Maddern then developed an audio team to deliver speakers and sports audio headphones.

The early BlueAnt, Wireless headphones became the product of of choice for the Apple Watch and was sold in US Apple stores.

Their Pump 2 headphones, were also sold by Apple.

“To get into Apple stores was a huge achievement for any audio brand,” Maddern said.

Later when Apple acquired Beats it dropped BlueAnt’s products from the range.

“Apple called us a few months ago after they’d launched the Apple Watch and asked if they could get the Pump 2 back in stores because they thought it worked really well with the watch,” Maddern added.

“[It’s] almost unheard of to be invited back into the stores to compete with a brand that Apple owns.”

Mr Maddern said Apple had recognised the superior wireless quality of the product.

“The wireless transmission was really strong and the antenna in the Apple Watch was much smaller than in phones,” he said.

“When we first moved into the US market our products took off at the time, we had close to 60 staff with the Australian staff spending 95% of their time on US issues. Today we are working with a smaller team delivering products such as our new X 3 speakers and our soon to be launched X 5 speakers”.

According to Maddern who competes up against brands such as Beats, JBL and the Logitech owned Ultimate Ears is that BlueAnt is constantly delivering superior quality products while undercutting the big brands by as much as 25%.

The Company has also developed audio products for Sharp to be sold in the US market.

Earlier today we paired two of the Companies new X3 speakers and when streaming Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody and Robert Flack content we were amazed by the quality and the ease with which we could pair two of these speakers together.

The sound was clear and distinct with background instruments kicking in around the audio of two great artists.

According to Maddern the Company is achieving their audio breakthrough with products using Australian audio engineers at the Company’s Doncaster development offices in Victoria.

Shortly the Company will release speakers with technology that is already being used by both Motorola and Google.

Currently BlueAnt products are being exported overseas to Countries in Asia and Europe.

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