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Optus Vocus To Join Telstra In Offering

SYDNEY – Australia’s No 2 telco and NBN operator Optus is to join Telstra in offering refunds to NBN subscribers who are unable to achieve the -load speeds they signed +for.

And ASX-listed Vocus has said that it too is looking to offer “appropriate remedies” to any subscribers to its Dodo and iPrimus services who have been affected.

An Optus spokesperson said the company is already working with the Australian Competition And Consumer Commission on the matter and is considering a range of measures to repay the dudded customers.

“We are examining the detail of the announcement by the ACCC but can confirm that Optus is taking action to provide appropriate remedies to those customers where it has been confirmed that the underlying NBN service cannot deliver the speed they signed +for” an Optus spokeswoman said yesterday.

Meanwhile the ACCC said the problems Telstra Optus and others are now addressing are a separate issue to the ongoing debate about how much capacity retail service providers are buying and is simply related to the technical limitations of the connections sold.

“This shows that the fibre-to-the-node lines have great difficulty delivering 100 Mbps and 50 Mbps but they can deliver 25/5” ACCC chairman Rod Sims has said. “So if you can’t get 25/5 service on the NBN it is very likely because your retail service provider hasn’t provisioned enough CVC capacity.”

Vocus yesterday said it has been reviewing its NBN services in the light of ACCC guidance on the matter. “Once we complete our review we will provide the necessary information to consumers and will offer appropriate remedies for customers who are not capable of achieving the maximum attainable speed of their plan” a Vocus spokesperson said.

Meanwhile Optus yesterday reported a net profit of $347 million for the six months ended September 30. This was – 2.7pc on the $356 million profit recorded in the same period last year. Operating revenue was +3.5pc at $4112 million The Singapore-owned company now has just over 6 million 4G customers and 351000 NBN customers the latter +72000 for the quarter.

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