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Acer On A Roll, Gaming Revenues Up 168%, Chromebook Sales Up 27% Profits Up 20%

Acer has announced a 13% increase in revenues and a profit lift of 20% and a lift in gaming revenue of 168%, Chromebook revenue grew by 27%.

The Taiwanese technology Company who recently scored two major education deals for Chromebooks in Australia and is carving out a significant share of the fast growing Australian PC market, delivered Q3 consolidated revenues of NT$60.58 billion, up 13% quarter-on-quarter, gross profits were NT$6.7 billion, up 20% year-on-year (YoY) with 11.1% margin.

Operating income at Acer was NT$933 million, net income was NT$1.45 billion, and earnings per share (EPS) were NT$0.48.

The net income of NT$1.45 billion marks the company’s highest in 27 quarters and is more than fivefold YoY, demonstrating the company’s strong business momentum, and stabilizing operations and profitability.

The Q3 2017 revenue growth is attributable largely to: Acer’s gaming product revenue that grew by 168% YoY and contributed more than 10% to total revenues; Windows-based commercial notebook revenue grew by 40% YoY; Chromebook revenue grew by 27% YoY; while new business revenue, including Acer’s cloud and e-business grew, by 30% YoY.

The Company who has been undergoing a significant restructure since the appointment of Jason Chen is also investing in other technology Companies.

Yesterday the Company announced a private placement of shares that saw them becomes the largest shareholder in AOPEN, followed by Wistron Corporation.

AOPEN is known for its expertise in applied computing platforms, IOT devices, they have a major network of specialist channels and partners.

AOPEN is the only commercial device provider developing technology across all operating systems, including Google Chrome OS.

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