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OPINION: Should We Replace Queensland’s Grim Reapers With A New One

We all know that a lot of State politicians are not very bright and often seen by the public as being more about what’s in it for them than the community at large.

Take Queensland’s latest Punch and Palaszczuk show, whose puppets have  become the laughingstock of Australia, with Queensland State Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and soon-to-be governor, Dr Jeannette Young more interested in kicking political footballs than fixing growing problems in their own backyard.

In one of the most astonishing anti-vaccine statements Australians have ever heard from a medico, Dr Young said: “Wouldn’t it be terrible that our first 18-year-old in Queensland who dies related to this pandemic died because of the vaccine?”

Really, maybe the people of Queensland should not go out at all, because they might get run over by a car today or mugged or caught up in a criminal act.

Earlier today the Queensland Premier stormed out of a Covid press conference after being questioned about an inaccurate social media post she wrote – as the state records two new local cases of the virus.

The Premier was challenged about a Tweet she posted on Wednesday in which she claimed the UK government wouldn’t allow under-40s to get the AstraZeneca vaccine, a claim that is untrue.

‘There is an article that talks about under-40s are to be given an alternative to AstraZeneca,’ she responded to the male reporter who probed her.

Or maybe women should stop taking birth control pills in Queensland because of side effects.

What’s got up their noses is that Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his health advisors pushed the notion that young people who wanted the AstraZeneca jab should see their doctors if they want to protect themselves.

The bobsy twins in Queensland then claimed that the Morrison Government was risking the safety of young Australians by recommending the AstraZeneca vaccines to under 40s.

This was despite research from around the worlds proving that there is minimal risk in getting an Astra Zeneca blood clot among people under 40 (Less than the number of Queenslanders who will today find themselves a victim of crime or involved in a motor accident).

What the Queensland Punch and Palaszczuk show is missing is that we really have to get retailers back open, people out and about and the economy moved up a few notches.

What’s needed is another Grim Reaper Marketing Campaign that frightens the living daylights out of people to the extent that we get vaccinations moving at record pace.

Let me explain for all those that were not around in 1987.

Back then I ran a PR Company and we worked on what had to be the best ever Government health campaign run in Australia.

It was part of a NAC Aides campaign aimed at raising awareness for AIDS and the genius behind the campaign was Creative man Siimon Reynolds.

In an interview today with Mumbrella Reynolds who’s credited with creating the most powerful public health campaign of all time has urged a “hardcore” message to overcome COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy.

Back in 1987 our main task was to counter the growing threat of HIV and AIDS.

When asked what he would do today Reynolds said, “It’s crazy they haven’t gone hard on ‘You’ve got to get the vaccine’. In the last ten days it’s become apparent that it’s a problem that people don’t have vaccines. But if we go back three weeks, a lot of people – in fact, 30% of Australia – had no intention of getting the vaccine such was the feeling that we had nothing to worry about anymore.”

Siimon Reynolds the creative director who delivered one of the most frightening health campaigns ever seen in Australia.

He suggested that Australians needed to be given a fright about the need to get vaccinated rather than feeling that they could safely wait it out. “I would definitely do – maybe not the Grim Reaper – but I would definitely do a hardcore version to wake people up that this thing could easily be around for another year, could be around for another two. The different strains could become more sophisticated as we know and become more dangerous.”

He added: “Where the parallel with the original AIDS campaign of 30 years ago is no-one knew anybody, or most people didn’t know anybody who had AIDS, certainly in the heterosexual community. It’s similar here. How many people actually know someone who’s got COVID in Australia? Not many. As a result of that, everybody’s just not believing that it’s going to be particularly a problem for them.”

Reynolds suggested that government messaging so far has failed to move people. “There’s two things an ad campaign has got to do. It has got to inform, and it has got to persuade. The problem with the government advertising now, it that it’s only informing. It’s only making statements. It’s not tugging the heart in any way. It’s not affecting us emotionally. It’s not particularly persuading in any way other than someone reading off an autocue.

“It’s a very low level of marketing in my opinion.”

As far as retail goes, we are entering a twilight zone.

In Victoria land tax has gone up 9.5% as State Governments look to recover money spend on COVID-19 initiatives.

This will be passed onto to retailers with rent increases expected for many who are today witnessing a slowdown in sales.

Unlike the early outbreak days of COVID-19 consumers are not flocking to online site for CE gear and appliances.

Neither are they able to visit stores and if they were able to, they would diminish stock levels due to component shortages and shipping problems impacting the industry.

As for Queensland’s dumbest politicians even Morrison archrival Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has backed the federal government’s position on the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine for young people and called for a much tougher approach to international travel to limit the risk of future lockdowns due to leaks from hotel quarantine.

He said it was up to people to talk to their doctor and make a decision on whether they would like to receive the AstraZeneca jab.

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