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Nvidia Appoint New Oz Distributor

Graphics card giant Nvidia have announced the appointment of Multimedia Technology as the master distributor for their new Quatro range of products.

According to the company, “NVIDIA Quadro products have been supported in the Australian and New Zealand markets for over two decades through its channel partner Leadtek, who have had a number of local distributors and resellers including Multimedia Technology, who has been a partner for nearly two decades during this time.”

“As part of NVIDIA’s commitment to provide continued focus on the Australian and New Zealand markets, NVIDIA and Leadtek have decided to appoint a single Quadro Master Distributor for these territories,” they said.

The company says that the new partnership will provide both increased local and range availability, enabling faster fufillment of orders.

Mark Eichler, Purchasing manager, Multimedia Technology said “the appointment as Master distributor in ANZ means MMT as a solutions based distributor can better support the channel to ensure those who invested in delivering NVIDIA Quadro based solutions are fairly rewarded for their efforts.“

The NVIDIA Quadro Pascal lineup includes the GP100, P4000, P2000, P1000, P600 and P400 GPUs.


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