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Notebook Demand Plummets, Shipments Fall By 8%

Notebook demand is sinking after a stellar run of pandemic-driven sales, industry sources claim.

According to Digitimes, one of the top-three notebook brands has reportedly asked its suppliers to tentatively halt shipments due to a slowdown in demand.

The global top-five notebook brands saw combined shipments decline by 8 per cent in February, while top-three notebook ODMs’ combined shipments fell by 9 per cent on month.

While demand for notebooks in February was slightly stronger than the same month a year prior, shortages of manpower and components worsened the figures, Digitimes Research reports.

HP Chromebook shipments rose in February, while the US brand’s overall notebook shipments dipped slightly from the month prior.

Lenovo was the only notebook brand with on-month shipment growth in February, largely in part to its gaming and education shipments.

Dell’s February shipments were weak compared to competitors.

Meanwhile, Acer chairman and CEO Jason Chen said at the company’s investors’ conference that market demand remains strong, adding that tight capacity has made component shortages a big issue for the notebook industry.

Acer is currently only able to fulfill 30 per cent of its clients’ orders and has been forced to defer its shipments, Chen revealed.

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