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Nintendo Unveils New Adjustable Charging Stand For Switch

To the delight many consumers, Nintendo has unveiled a new adjustable charging stand for its hugely popular Switch, claimed to make Tabletop mode “easier than ever”.

The new attachment will launch on July 13th for US$19.99 – (Australian pricing and launch date to be confirmed).

The adjustable charging stand features an AC adaptor port on the side, which endeavours to provide “longer playing sessions”. Using the new accessory, consumers can charge and use their device in Tabletop mode simultaneously.

As its name suggests, the stand can also be adjusted to provide the best viewing angle for a user’s environment.

The new stand remedies a common flaw found with the Switch’s integrated kickstand – it doesn’t provide access to the charging port, and has a fixed angle.

The news comes as Nintendo continues to capitalise on the success of the Switch. The product is Nintendo’s fastest selling console of all time, and helped catapult its recent profit by over 500%.

The Nintendo Switch facilitates three modes; ‘Tabletop’, ‘Handheld’ and ‘TV mode’.

Further information is available on Nintendo’s website.

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