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Nintendo’s Switch Is The Fastest Selling Gaming Console Ever

It’s official – Nintendo has hit the jackpot, with recent reports revealing the company’s Switch is the fastest selling video gaming console in US history.

Nintentdo’s Switch is a revolutionary hybrid device which enables users to play as a handheld item, or on their TVs.

Priced from A$459 (or US$300) the Nintendo Switch has reportedly sold 4.8 million units in America in the first ten months. This is notably more than the preceding record holder, the Wii, which racked up 4 million in the same period.

Super Mario Odyssey is the most popular Switch game, selling 2 million units in the first three days – thereby giving it the award of the fastest selling Mario title in history.

The news comes as Nintendo has been plagued with talk of supply chain constraints, after failing to support demand in the first few months of the Switch’s release.

Nintendo of America President and COO Reggie Fils-Aimé affirms the device’s success:

“Fans across the country have experienced the joy of playing their favorite games at home or on the go”.

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