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Nintendo Shows Off ‘Softer’ HDMI Cables For Switch

Nintendo may have been lambasted for the lack of big upgrades to the Nintendo Switch OLED, but one minor change that is getting major praise is the ‘softer’ HDMI.

And the company knows too well. In a video named ‘Ask The Developer’, Nintendo reps Ko Shiota and Toru Yamashita highlight what they call the “invisible changes” they’ve made to the latest model. Among them was the ‘softer’ HDMI cable.

“The HDMI cable is also different. I quite like this change; please feel how flexible it is,” said Yamashita in the video.

“Indeed, softer than the one that was previously included,” Shiota countered.

“Improving cables has been considered for a long time, and some of our staff had been working on it, and it happened to align with the release of Nintendo Switch – OLED Model,” Yamashita explained.

While it may seem silly, inflexible cables are a pain when it comes to neat storage, so we applaud Nintendo for making this change.

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