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YouTube Moves Into Podcast Space

YouTube is already one of the main places that people listen to podcasts, albeit often times to circumvent various subscription services, and now it seems they are moving into the podcast arena.

YouTube is hiring an “executive to oversee its podcasting business”, which is not only a new position but a new division for YouTube.

It makes sense for the video streaming giant to diversify, and the fast-growing podcast world is an obvious place to invest.

But, as Bloomberg notes, YouTube generated close to $20 billion US in advertising alone last year, while the entire podcasting business is yet to generate $1 billion US in a single year.

Google hasn’t had a successful run at podcasts, first launching Google Listen, a podcast app, before lumping them into Google Play Music under the clunky Google Play Music Podcasts category. Now they have Google Podcasts, which is little more than a search engine, and is even managed by the Google Search division.

Maybe tying them into the YouTube world is Google’s best bet yet.



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