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Newly Joined TPG/Voda Group Looks To Fibre Upgrade Work

SYDNEY: The recently merged Vodafone-TPG group is looking to play a major role in upgrading fibre-to-the-node NBN users to full fibre connections, according to Vodafone Australia CEO Iñaki Berroeta.

He told a pre-Easter summit event that Australia’s digital future depends on having many more fibre connections and freeing the nation from current wide-area use of copper connections.

A study commissioned by Vodafone Group’s Berlin-based think tank has indicated that increasing the number of fibre connections in a country by one percent a year leads to increase in GDP of between 0.02 and 0.04 percent a year, Berroeta said.

He added that for Australia, this would mean growth in GDP of $370-740 million a year. 

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