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New Value Vogel Mount For Family Viewing

Melbourne based distributor Canohm have released a new Vogel mount series designed to extend the premium Vogel mount into the affordable premium market.

The Vogel Comfort Series is a range of TV mounting options that has been developed after research showed  there was a gap in the mount market aimed at young families with children.

In response to this, the Comfort Series was created specifically for growing families, by creating mounts that are easy to set up, able to accommodate larger and heavier televisions (19” to 100” and up to 75kg) and have increased mobility and manoeuvrability. The XL models for instance, are capable of 67cm reach and 180° of rotation.

Credit: Vogel / Canohm

With the Comfort Series, Vogel have sought to implement several new advancements that improve consumer convenience and quality of life.

Vogel have fitted the entire Comfort Series with their newly created TiltAnchors (EU Patent Pending), which keep the extension arm locked in place, preventing the television from slowly drifting, moving, or rotating. Users simply need to flick the TiltAnchor into place to keep their television secure, and then flick it back when desired.

Mobility has also been improved, thanks to Vogel’s adoption of their One Finger Movement Technology. This feature makes use of PTFE-coated bearings, meaning that manoeuvring your TV on the mount takes no more than just one finger.

The Comfort Series also accommodates those with OLED TV’s who wish to preserve its clean, simplistic, and modern design. The OLED specific models mount seamlessly to the back of the TV, maintaining its minimalist look.

All models in the Comfort Series, both tilt and fixed versions feature the ClickLoc Safety System (EU Patent Pending), with an audible click guaranteeing that the television is secure in place.

Credit: Vogel / Canohm

To ensure that consumers can properly install their mounts, Vogel have created the DrillRight Augmented Reality app, which assures that the mount is installed in the correct position. This, alongside the included drilling template, make installation as easy as possible.

The Comfort Series also includes solutions outside of wall mounting. The floor mounted models can hold televisions between 44” and 77” and that weigh up to 50kg. Furthermore, the floor mounted models also make use of TiltAnchor, One Finger and ClickLoc technology.

Credit: Vogel / Canohm

Ensuring that customers are provided with a modern, neat, and timeless design when using Comfort Series mounts, each mount comes with cable covers, media box holders, cable sleeves and an entire cable management system.

Vogel offers a 10-year warranty with all Comfort Series purchases, which start at $69 and are now available from national retailers and specialist dealers Australia wide. For more information, click here.

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