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New Sharp Flatbed Microwave Delivers Larger Space Easier Cleaning

Since Sharp relinquished management of their appliance business to Tempo back in 2019, sales have soared across the board in Australia, the Sydney based distributor has also expanded the number of retailers who sell the Japanese brands products.

Now Tempo is releasing a new range of flatbed microwaves a move that puts pressure on several brands competing in the Microwave market including market leader Panasonic.

Initially led by former Samsung VP Michael Richardson the Sharp business, is today led by two experienced industry executives, Nigel Dent a former senior Harvey Norman executive who also worked at Panasonic and Matt Pearce also a former Panasonic executive.

According to Dent, Tempo is set to roll out a comprehensive range of Sharp appliances including a “refresh” of several current models this year.

This month will see the launch of a new Sharp Flatbed Microwaves by Tempo followed by new refrigerators later this year.

According to Pearce the new Sharp microwave model delivers more “usable space” and better “cabinet size”.

He said “We know that consumers love the benefits of Flatbed Microwaves and our new models are easier to keep clean when compared to traditional Microwave Ovens”

He added “The new 32 Litre model’s cabinet size is roughly the same as some of our competitors 27 litre models which means consumers are getting more cooking space from Sharp due to a more efficient design”.

“What we are also delivering for consumers is a microwave from a Company that have been delivering microwaves to markets around the world for decades. They are a trusted Japanese brand whose products are cutting edge and a leading brand across Asia and in markets such as the USA”.

The New 32 litre, flatbed model set to be launched shortly is the SM327FHW (White).

This new model will be launching by June 2022 it joins the already successful in market SM327FHS.

See pricing below.

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