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New Lenovo B2b Online Site Offering Massive Discounts

Lenovo is on a roll according to local Managing Director Matt Codrington with a new direct B2b direct sell, web site contributing to their billion -dollar turnover during the past 12 months.

The combined Australian and New Zealand Lenovo business only managed a $13M profit, during the last financial year ending 31st of March 2021, the Company has not revealed how much they were paid in JobKeeper payments if any at all.

Codrington claims that the pandemic has led to a bumper sales period for Lenovo in Australia and New Zealand, which posted combined revenues of more than $1.03bn for the first time.

Recently ChannelNews took a look at the Companies new online B2b Lenovo Pro for Small Business operation that is delivering big discounts for small business that signs up.

This is the same target audience that is currently buying products from specialist resellers as well as the likes of JB Hi Fi, Harvey Norman and Officeworks as well as specialist dealers such as Mwave.

Registered visitors to the site are able to buy PC’s & Tablets, Motorola smartphones, monitors as well as sign up for Office 365 from Microsoft.

Currently Lenovo are offering $500 on a trade in of any PC device, you also get 30% off on any Lenovo Smart Device as well as 15% discount on a Lenovo device if you buy an $899 Motorola smartphone via the new Pro site.

A visit to the main Lenovo direct sell site reveals a Think Pad X1 Yoga Gen 6 14″ Intel Evo notebook selling for $2,497.55, however a visit to the Lenovo Pro site for small business reveals the same PC selling for $2,172.87.

What’s not known is whether the $500 trade in applies to the discounted price already being offered on the site for a new Lenovo PC.

A visit to an external reseller web site such as Mwave shows the Think Pad X1 Yoga Gen 6 14″ is retailing for $2,769. The price for some Lenovo notebooks are also significantly cheaper than JB Hi Fi.

Lenovo mainstream web site has one price?

The Lenovo Pro + web site is cheaper deliver big savings for businesses that register.

When 4Square Media signed up to this site and registered with Lenovo, as a business account we were told that one of the benefits of having a business account is that you also get your own account manager.

We were assigned an Account Manager who described himself as a single point of contact when dealing with Lenovo.

Codrington has admitted that COVID has changed how people live and work, demand for technology has been particularly strong across consumer segments, in education and in the public sector however the Company who is keen to grow their online operations in Australia and New Zealand has not said how much their online direct sell business has grown in the past year.

He has not said how well his Lenovo Pro site is doing or the response from retailers and SMB dealers who sell Lenovo products into the Australian market.

In the past global management have told ChannelNews that they aim to do “More business direct” and that their Australian business was “unique because of the amount of consumer business that was done via mass retailers.

During the fiscal year ending March 21, 2021, Lenovo posted a combined total revenue of $1.237bn across all legal entities and areas of business, including PC and smart devices, infrastructure solutions, and solutions and services.

It appears that Lenovo is investing heavily in online with the new Business Pro site able to match local businesses to Government web sites such as the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission web site to match data.

The Lenovo Pro site matches an ABN with a business when you log in is also offering a wide range of payment and finance options for small business that signs up.

Businesses are also being told that the more they order the bigger the discounts.

And if you spend$15,000.00 you automatically become a Lenovo SMB Pro Plus customer which qualifies businesses for additional discounts.

During the past year several big brands including Dell, Samsung & Sony have expanded their direct sell operations in Australia with several telling ChannelNews that they see direct brand selling as being just one more avenue where consumers can buy a product.

Terry Smart the CEO of JB Hi Fi told said recently that consumers still want to see and touch products in a retail store and that he anticipates a surge in store shopping as lockdowns are lifted.

Codrington told the Australian recently “We’ve been, I think, at the forefront of that digital transformation that everyone’s been forced into. We’ve tripled our growth in our managed services, and for the first time ever we shipped more than a million units in a single year.

“In terms of revenue it’s been our highest result ever and the pie has grown, the requirement for technology is growing and it’s not just a one-time event. The demand for PCs is going to remain high through to 2025 and beyond.”

He said that he’s expecting another bump with the release of Windows 11, which is expected to be launched on October 5.

“We do see a natural bump across Christmas, and we’re expecting to be up 10 to 15 per cent on last year just based on the new offerings that are coming to market,” Mr Codrington said. “The market also is just on a trajectory where devices are now more important than they’ve ever been, and that doesn’t seem to have affected the market”.

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