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Sharp’s Loss Is LG’s Gain, As It Takes Over iPhone 13 Orders

The closure of Sharp’s factory in Ho Chi Minh has seen LG InnoTek take over the production and supply of camera modules for the iPhone 13, as Apple scrambles to make its own production deadlines.

Sharp’s Vietnam factory has been ordered to shut down until September 15, while LG InnoTek’s factory in nearby Haiphong, Vietnam is still fully operation. In addition, LG will use its camera module factory in South Korea to take over some of the Sharp production orders.

This shift means that LG InnoTek may now be producing up to 70 per cent of the iPhone 13 camera modules. This follows the removal of Chinese company O’Film, who were fired by Apple due to human rights issues.

This is likely to be a hefty order for LG, as Apple ramp up components orders by 20 per cent for the iPhone 13 compared to the 12. All four iPhone 13 models will use the sensor shift technology, which moves the sensor rather than the lens to avoid motion blur.


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