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Recent GFK and IDC data, reveal that research released by Roy Morgan research earlier this week is seriously flawed, with both carrier and smartphone manufacturers telling ChannelNews that “there is no way” that that Oppo and Huawei are the fastest growing smartphone brands in Australia.

All the big three carriers Optus, Telstra and Vodafone supply sales data to GFK and IDC.

A review of leaked GFK data which was supplied to Telstra shows that when Q3 Vs Q2 2018 data is compared it reveals that in the Prepaid market that Oppo was only able to take one slot out of the top 10.

In the above chart where Optus and Telstra handsets are shown 85% of those sold at Optus are Alcatel models.

With the Telstra branded phones 75% are Alcatel from Sep 18 onwards, prior to that they were ZTE models which is a brand that Telstra dumped after the USA moved to ban the brand.

The post-paid numbers don’t show any of the Chinese brands that Roy Morgan claims are leading the market.

Yesterday Alcatel CEO Sams Skontas challenged both Oppo and Huawei to open their books up to independent audit a move that he would support when compared to audited Alcatel sales.

One brand that is struggling in the Australian market is Nokia, their market share has fallen 63% according to Roy Morgan both IDC and GFK data reveal that the once mighty brand is struggling to hold onto share and that their market share is actually falling.

Roy Morgan also claim that struggling phone brand HTC is the fouth most popular smartphone brand despite a 28% fall in sales. A Telstra manager said “we struggle to sell an HTC phone the brand is not popular”.

According to Roy Morgan Sony also saw a 31% fall in market share during the past 12 months.

Roy Morgan claim that their research is based on interviews with 15,000 Australians. Both IDC and GFK collect actual sales data from retailers and carriers on a quarterly basis.