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REVIEW: Jaybird X4 Wireless Earphones, Built For Adventurers

Jaybird has expanded their premium X-series range of wireless sports earphones with the release of the Jaybird X4 earphones (RRP $189.95).

The X4s are a modest upgrade over the X3s and are purpose-built for joggers, cyclists, and adventurers.

They are waterproof and lightweight with a sleek look and secure fit plus an adaptable soundstage via Jaybird’s free MySound app.


A major improvement over the X3 is the X4’s IPX7 waterproof certification, meaning they should survive being fully submerged in up to one metre of water for up to 30 minutes.

I did not fully test this but found it could take splashing water on your face after a workout, and rain and sweat never seemed to be an issue.

The Jaybird X4s are super lightweight, you would barely register them around your head, only for the sound and the secure fit.

To optimise comfort, Jaybird includes three different sizes of soft silicone ear caps and three different sizes of ear fins, as well as three Comply foam tips.

It should be said from the outset that I have small ears and small ear canals. Therefore, I don’t usually go for in-ear earphones as they rarely feel comfortable.

I found even the smallest size ear caps to be too uncomfortable and when they were in, the fit was very tight and the pressure meant I couldn’t wear for too long.  

My partner gave them a go and while they were a bit more comfortable for him, he also felt they applied too much pressure.

A benefit of this tightness is that they aren’t going to go anywhere — they are fully plugged into your ear canals and they didn’t budge throughout a HIIT workout, yoga session, and cleaning around the kitchen.

These lightweight earphones are sturdy and built for endurance. The lightweight cord can be pulled in any direction without any hint of tearing.

The cord cinch system keeps the wire from moving around, although it sometimes pulled on my sweaty ponytail after a few jumping jacks.

For ease of use, the X4 features an in-line module that contains the battery, microphones, and three-button controls.

Jaybird’s three-button control scheme is simple enough to use with each of the three buttons offering multiple functions. It can take a little getting used to, but for the most part is very user-friendly.


The X4 supports Bluetooth 4.0 and can pair with two devices simultaneously, such as a smartphone and a laptop the user can listen to music on a laptop and answer a call on a phone.

The pairing process is quick and easy. Holding down the middle button for 5 seconds powers on the headphones and launches pairing mode.

Although Jaybird state the connectivity should last up to 33 feet away, I found it started breaking up around 20 feet, still alright for gym sessions and walking around my apartment.

While wearing either the included silicone ear tips or Comply foam tips, I found that the X4 provided good amounts of punchy bass and clear vocals. 

However, for users that like to adjust their audio, a big draw for these earphones is Jaybird’s free MySound app that allows you to tweak the sound, save your preferred EQ settings and share with other Jaybird users.

The MySound app also comes with preloaded EQ settings, which I found adequate, as well as numerous playlists that you can link to your Spotify account and enjoy while you workout.

Although the audio is good, the microphone was not excellent. On voice calls, the person I was talking to often couldn’t hear my voice.

In order to keep track of battery power, you need to keep an eye on your connected device or wait for a voice prompt to charge the earphones.

The X4s did not appear to automatically turn off when not in use, and as a result, the battery depleted quicker. However, the X4s come with a neat USB charger that can provide an hour of battery in around 10 minutes.

Although Jaybird claims the X4 can provide up to 8 hours of battery life, I got about 6 hours. Which is alright for workouts and a daily commute if users are charging the earphones after use.


The Jaybird X4 is a modest upgrade over the X3, its waterproof exterior, great audio, and MySound soundstage offer great versatility to music lovers and fitness fanatics alike.

Their mid-range price tag also is a nice point, had it not been for the uncomfortable fit I would have been won over as well.

Jaybird X4 earphones are available to purchase from JB Hi-Fi for A$189 or directly through Jaybird’s website.

DESIGN: 7/10
VALUE: 7/10
Overall 7/10

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