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Huawei Asks Govt For Security Threat Proof

Huawei Chairman, Ken Hu, has urged the Australian and US government to provide proof of national security risks – causing Huawei’s removal from the UK’s core telco infrastructure, and ban from the local 5G network.

Early this week, the Chinese giant announced it’s spending US$2 billion on cyber-security in the next five years, as it seeks to address security concerns.

As per Reuters, Hu has slammed claims Huawei equipment and services pose cyber-intelligence links to the Chinese government, asserting allegations should be based on “factual evidence.”

“Without factual evidence we don’t accept and we oppose those allegations,” he adds.

Despite prior reports, Hu denies claims Japan will ban Huawei from government contracts. It comes after a reshuffling from the likes of the UK, US, New Zealand and Australia.

Addressing several international journalists at Huawei HQ in China, Hu asserts if governments have evidence it “should be made known.”

The news comes as Huawei continues to await a conclusion on the Canadian arrest of CEO and founder’s daugher Meng Wanzhou.

Meng was released on bail mid December, despite American concerns she is a flight risk.

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