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New Denon Headphones Deliver Luxury Technology At A Reasonable Price

Japanese audio specialists Denon have introduced a new line of headphones that draw on the technology of their premium line but at a more affordable price point. 

The new GC series includes two models: the AH-GC30 and the AH-GC25W. Both take advantage of Denon’s proprietary FreeEdge driver technology of the company’s flagship AH-D9200 headphones. 

The AH-GC30 is priced at $699 and features Active Noise Cancelling and aptX HD Bluetooth for “better than CD” sound. The AH-GC25W features Bluetooth and is priced at $599. 

According to Denon, the FreeEdge driver technology “uses ‘floating’ diaphragms to create a sound with reduced resonance and more accurate pistonic motion, thus enabling them to deliver all the dynamics and nuances of the music.” 

Meanwhile, the AH-GC30’s Active Noise Cancelling technology “uses multiple microphones to analyse and compensate for ambient noise, with three modes available for optimal noise exclusion.” Users can choose from modes specifically designed for the ambient noise encountered when travelling on a plane or train, on a busy city street, or in the office. 

The Active Noise Cancelling system also comes equipped with an ‘Ambient Monitor’ that allows users to hear ambient sound with a simple tap on one of the earcups. Denon says this means users “can easily hear the flight attendant or office colleagues without removing the headphones.” 

Both new models come in black or white and sport ergonomic memory-foam earpads covered in high-quality synthetic leather. In terms of battery life, Denon claims both models will give up to 20 hours from a full charge, and up to 25 hours if Bluetooth is disabled. 

The full specs are: 

AH-GC30 – RRP $699 

  • Denon FreeEdge drivers for an ultra-precise, powerful sound 
  • Active Noise Cancelling with four microphones and three modes, for flight, city and office use, plus quick and easy ambient pass-through 
  • aptX HD Bluetooth for hi-res sound with compatible devices, plus wired connectivity and USB audio option. 
  • 20-hour battery life for long journeys (when using Bluetooth and Noise Cancelling); up to 25 hours without Bluetooth. The battery charges fully in two hours, while a ten-minute quick charge will give 2.5 hours of use, and a 15-minute charge 4.5 hours. 
  • Over-ear design with memory foam earpads trimmed in synthetic leather for perfect fit and comfort, even for long-term listening 
  • Metal hanger for durability; available in a choice of black or white finishes. 

AH-GC25W – RRP $599 

Same as the AH-GC30 with aptX HD Bluetooth (30-hour battery life), but without Active Noise Cancelling. 


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