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Is Samsung Working On A Galaxy Fold 2? Everything You Need To Know

Samsung is still wrapping up from its latest annual event, Galaxy Unpacked, where the company unveiled its latest high-profile flagship products that are set to change the game in smart consumer technology.

But it seems the Korean-based tech giant can’t catch a break from leaks and speculation – with now details of a new Galaxy Fold 2 doing the rounds on media.

After the official announcement of the Galaxy Z Flip, tech reporters are already turning their attention to the upcoming Galaxy Fold 2 – and if rumours are true, it might feature an under-screen camera.

(Martyn Landi/PA Wire)

The upcoming device may not carry the ‘Galaxy Fold’ name given how tarnished the product was, with Slashgear reporting the new model has been codenamed ‘Champ,’ suggesting Samsung is confident it will dominate the market upon release.

But the Galaxy Fold was also codenamed ‘Winner’ when it turned out to be a flop.

While there is little known about the Champ at this point, rumours suggest it will feature an under-screen selfie camera – not to be mistaken for a punch-hole camera featured on Samsung’s recent smartphones.

If it’s true, Samsung won’t be the first company to showcase the technology as both Oppo and Xiaomi have already released phones with in-screen cameras.

But while a selfie camera that doesn’t hinder the screen design and function is an impressive feature, it still comes with its own compromises. Having a display layer over the top of a lens is never ideal for picture quality even if the layer lets light through, is just one example.

How exactly Samsung would mitigate this potential problem on the Champ is yet to be seen, but given that most smartphones on the market are equipped with lower-quality front facing cameras, it may not be so hard to address.

It’s also speculated that the Champ will have the same body design as the original Fold, being a book-like display that opens outwards, instead of up like a flip phone. However, it’s rumoured to have a bigger 7.7-inch screen – a step up from the Galaxy Fold’s 7.3-inch screen.

It’s also rumoured to still carry an outer display so the device can still be used while its closed.

The Champ is also expected to feature the same Ultra-Thin Glass as the Galaxy Z Flip – although that may change given the bad reviews and experiences with scratching and cracking from users of the Z Flip already.

Additionally, the downside of the Z Flip is the expensive price tag that starts at the price of US $1,380 – no Australian price has been announced yet – which is likely to carry over to the Champ as well.

Samsung has declined to comment.


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