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New Audio Company AVA Launches With High-End System

NEEO founder Raphael Oberholzer, and former Control4 executive Ted Haeger have teamed up to launch high-end residential audio company AVA.

AVA is targeting the custom installation market, with its first products: a 2.1 Streaming Audio System, which consists of two AVA compact speakers, a B1 bass speaker, and a high-tech remote control.

The system was developed with Swiss audio geniuses Revox, and supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect, and more.

AVA Wireless Speakers
The AVA A1 Speaker features a full-range driver, and two digital amps, with Touch UI controls, and a built-in rechargeable battery.

The AVA P1 speaker is a passive version of the A1, teaming with the latter for audio processing and amplification features.

The AVA B1 Bass Module is a mighty 240W subwoofer, which connects wirelessly to the A1 with zero latency.

“AVA is on a mission to put true stereo back into people’s homes, while providing all the advantages of today’s most popular connected speakers,” Oberholzer explains.

“Not only is this how music is recorded, but it is also the best way to reproduce the experience intended by the artist and the sound engineers. Anything less does not do their work justice and is a huge miss when it comes to the actual and emotional listening experience.

“We’re tremendously proud of what we have created and we cannot wait to share AVA with the rest of the world.”

AVA Wireless Speaker and Subwoofer Bass Module

The AVA RX1 Remote Control is a machine within itself, powered by a quad-core, 2 GHz processor, with an Android-based touchscreen. It is the world’s first Google Certified remote control.

AVA Remote Control in Black or Silver

AVA products require home installation, and are very much geared towards audiophiles with cash to splash.

The component, minus installation costs, will set a consumer back US$3,200.

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