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Netgear’s Wi-Fi 6E Router Will Cost $2,000+

Netgear has announced the most advanced router to date, the Orbi Quad-B and Mesh WiFi 6E RBKE960.

This is only the second Wi-Fi 6E mesh router to hit the market, following the Linksys Atlas Max 6E earlier this year. It is, however, the first quad-band Wi-Fi 6E mesh router, and will retail at a touch over $2,000 AUD.

The router supports four different networks, and offers a 2.4 GHz band, two 5GHz, and a 6GHz band.

It’s also large, as most new technology tends to be.

“It’s a complex product and therefore challenging to get all this technology into a smaller form factor,” Ravindra Bhilave, director of product management at Netgear, told The Verge.

It features an upgraded WAN port that supports up to 10 gigabits, an additional 2.5-gigabit port, plus three extra ethernet ports.

Netgear claims it covers up to 9,000 square feet, which is impressive to say the least.

No word on when (or whether) this beast will come to Australia, but we will keep you across all the Wi-Fi 6E happenings.


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