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Audiofly And Belkin Make Logies Debut

West Australian headphones brand, Audiofly, and accessories manufacturer, Belkin, are set to make their TV WEEK Logies debut this Sunday – a move which will see products gifted to winners, nominees, presenters and other attendees.

Both brands have come on board as VIP seeding partners, with 250 Logies guests receiving Audiofly’s AF33W wireless headphones, and Belkin’s 5,000mAh ‘Pocket Power’ charger.

The companies affirm the annual entertainment awards provide important branding and seeding opportunities.

The event extends Belkin’s ‘influencer program’, and further expands Audiofly’s support of Australian musical artists.

Head of Marketing Belkin ANZ, Aniela Fleming, asserts products will prove their functional use over the event’s long-running duration:

“We know it’s a very long day for everyone attending the Logies, from preparation to red carpet, the ceremony and of course the after parties, and capturing memories along the way”

“Our sleek, lightweight and attractive Pocket Power portable charger will give devices the needed boost, so everybody is powered all night.”

The 60th Annual TV WEEK Logie Awards will be held on July 1st at The Star Gold Coast in Queensland.



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