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NBN HFC Up In Beetson Territory

NBN HFC Up In Beetson Territory

After many delays, the NBN company has opened its first hybrid fibre coaxial (HFC) area to commercial services, inviting retail service providers (RSPs) to target 18,800 premises.

NBN has inherited the HFC cable-TV networks from Telstra and Optus, and has been looking to convert them to National Broadband Network use, eventually perhaps offering Internet speeds of up to 100 megabits per second. Current speeds are not mentioned, but are presumably somewhat less.

It has been using the Redcliffe area north of Brisbane – home territory of the late Rugby League hero Artie Beetson – as a trial site involving 300 homes. Now it has opened up the whole Redcliffe suburb as “ready for service”(RFS), so long as the premises are already serviced with HFC cables.

It’s come at a cost. Redcliffe is part of the former Optus HFC network footprint, which NBN has had to upgrade. NBN bought Optus’s HFC assets for $800 million, but found many parts needed substantial upgrading to cater for Internet service.

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