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NBN Co Urged To Bring Telstra Fibre Into Mix

CANBERRA: NBN Co should look at options to bring Telstra’s fibre networks and new housing networks owned by Opticomm into its fold, according to the Federal Opposition’s communications spokeswoman, Michelle Rowland.

“If NBN providers could deliver services over the Velocity network it would expand choice for households and reduce Internet prices,” Rowland told The Guardian.

(The Velocity network is a fibre-to-the-premises system which brings fixed-line voice, broadband Internet, subscription TV and free-to-air TV to homes using optical-fibre technology.)

“Bringing Opticomm into the fold could also give NBN Co access to sprawling fibre assets in outer suburban and regional centres, including the ability to grow its revenue streams by serving a greater share of new housing estates, Roland said.

She added that NBN Co should see whether its systems could integrate the existing systems used by Telstra or Opticomm, or consider buying out their networks.

A spokeswoman for Comms Minister Paul Fletcher told The Guardian the assets would be valuable, but said it would be up to Telstra, NBN Co and other interested parties to come to a commercial agreement.

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