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Nanoleaf Lines Turn Any Home Into A Nightclub

Long renowned for their excellence in pushing aesthetics with smart lighting design, Nanoleaf’s new Lines combine tech with your own vision, allowing you to arrange the backlit LED bars in pretty much any pattern you choose.

Connecting at 60˚ angles, the Lines have dual-colour zones, so each can show a different hue at the same time. As for those colours, there are more than 16 million to choose from.

The Lines can also connect to your home network automatically without any hubs.

They come with 19 pre-set scenes, including rhythm scenes that utilise music visualisation tech. Explore others through the Nanoleaf app, or invent your own via Scene Creator.

You can also combine sound and vision with the Rhythm Music Visualiser to synch your music with the lights so they pulse in time, pretty much turning your home into a nightclub

There’s also the Screen Mirror feature that lets Lines parallel colours on your TV or monitor.

This can all be controlled through Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Apple HomeKit and Siri.

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