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Panasonic’s New Home Theatre Projector Is A Heavyweight


The latest projector to lead Panasonic’s home cinema range is the AE8000 and it has the goods to do so admirably. It has a 220W Red Rich Lamp capable of producing 2,400 lumens of brightness. Blacks are also catered to with a rich contrast ratio of 500,000:1. The high-brightness and vast-contrast duo results in colours dancing on a projector screen, enhanced by a striking contrast against gradual shades of black.

The AE8000 projects images that are 20 percent brighter than its predecessor and yet ensures there’s less crosstalk in 3D viewing, (this is a particularly impressive feat as brighter images tend to show more signs of crosstalk). It also features a suite of 3D software, one of which automatically corrects unnatural 3D movements.

Panasonic’s AE8000 displays a level of intuition by automatically detecting incompatible Blu-ray aspect ratios (2.35:1) and switching them to the cinematic 16:9 ratio. It has 3 HDMI inputs, will work with compatible Panasonic Viera remote controls and will be available in November for a recommended retail price of $3,899.

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