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Hey iPad, Change The Foxtel Will Ya

Hey iPad, Change The Foxtel Will Ya

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Meet your new Foxtel remote, the tablet.

The handy ‘Channel Changer’ feature appears on Foxtel TV Guide app for iPhone, Android, as well as iPad’s and tabs.

Foxtel Guide app update now allows users to change channels on their iQ or iQHD directly from a mobile device, in changes announced today.

You can download the new update of the Guide application for free, via iTunes or Android Market, or FOXTEL online account.

On the selected program’s synopsis page, the new button – ‘Change Channel’ – will appear five minutes prior to the start of a program.

Press it to switch over to that channel. The Foxtel TV Guide app also allows you to see what’s on, plan viewing, and remote record your favourite shows, so if you’re stuck on a bus and remember a show you want to watch, record it via your mobile device.

The apps will also include a summary of the show and lets you browse through guide just as if you were looking at the TV screen.

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