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Telstra Cloud Gets Red Hat

Telstra Cloud Gets Red Hat

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It is the first Australian Telco and just one of a handful of global companies to receive the Red Hat tick, which expands the range of enterprise applications compatible with cloud computing services, Telstra announced today.

The telco has called it a “significant development” for its service, who customers include The Salvation Army Employment Plus, Oz Minerals, Tabcorp. 

Cloud technology partners include Cisco, VMware  and Microsoft. 

However, it appears Telstra may have its work cut out for it carving out a cloud service, which it recently pumped almost $1 billion investment into developing network infrastructure and data centres. 

Independent Ovum analyst Mark Giles last month claimed the obstacles telco’s face in developing cloud services will be ‘significant.’

“Aside from a perceived lack of brand identity in the supply of IT services, obstacles such as bringing internal network and IT teams together, enabling sales teams, and ensuring that OSS and BSS systems can deliver on cloud’s on-demand nature must be overcome,” he warned. 

“Much has been made of the potential for telcos to leverage existing assets, such as their communications networks, data centres, OSS andBSS systems and existing customer relationships, to offer cloud services to enterprises,” he said. 

Telstra Executive Director, Philip Jones, said the certification is an important part of the company’s continuing investment in the cloud. 

“Accreditation as a Red Hat Certified Cloud Provider is a significant development for Telstra cloud computing.”

“Offering Red Hat Enterprise Linux in our cloud computing environment offers our customers more choice, more flexibility and the opportunity for them to run more applications out of our cloud” he added.  

David Thodey’s Telco has been working to optimise the platform as a “high-performance and a secure service” to help support the broad portfolio of enterprise applications and software. 

Existing Red Hat Enterprise Linux customers as well as those organisations wishing to move to Linux based operating systems can run Red Hat Enterprise Linux and supported applications and databases on Telstra’s cloud platform.

The cloud services run Telstra Next IP and Next G network and offers complete management of cloud services for security, support, fault management and delivery.