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‘Myth Busting’ Survey Shows Oz Consumers Eager For 5G

Australian smartphone users say they are willing to pay 20 per cent more for fifth-generation services, and early adopters as much as 42 per cent more, according to a new Ericsson survey.

This is among the findings of a massive consumer study (35,000 interviews in 22 countries) by Ericsson that it says busts the four common myths about 5G, namely:

  • 5G offers consumers no short-term benefits;
  • There are no real-use cases for 5G, nor is there a price premium on 5G;
  • Smartphones will be the “silver bullet” for 5G: the magical single solution to delivering fifth-generation services;
  • Current usage patterns can be used to predict future 5G demand.

However, as no consumers have yet experienced 5G services, the survey can only confirm consumer expectations nurtured by a deluge of 5G promotion.

“Consumers expect 5G to provide relief from urban network congestion in the near term ­ especially in Australia’s bigger cities, where nearly half (47pc) smartphone users report facing network issues in crowded areas,” Ericsson says.

It adds: “Australian consumers expect to not only stream video in higher resolutions, but also to use immersive video formats such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), resulting in an additional two hours of video content being watched weekly on mobile devices by users in the 5G future.” – Stuart Corner

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