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Australians Prefer Online Shopping, Retail Vacancy Climbs

Latest findings from independent market research firm, Ipsos, has confirmed what most commentators already know – the rise in online shopping is directly concurrent with the decline in the “presence and use” of physical stores.

Whilst research affirms that consumers are shopping more than three years ago (online & in-store), most Australians are choosing to shop online – 16% state they shop more online, versus 12% electing in-store.

Ipsos has confirmed that today’s global consumer is seeing fewer “traditional Main Street” businesses, and is increasingly resorting to “digital and convenience-focused alternatives”.

Concerning the number of “vacant” physical stores, Australians are noticing more of these compared to their international counterparts – 30% more, compared to 25%.

In Australia, independently-owned and operated [non-chain] stores are among the most notable “vanishing” retailers from local shopping areas.

By contrast, consumers are noticing more Australian retailers within the sectors of pharmaceuticals, eat-in restaurants, cafes and takeaway food outlets – 75%, 69%, 67% and 66% more respectively.

Australians are also noticing more physical sites for gyms/fitness clubs – a rise of 26%, compared to 22% globally.

Ipsos’ research is part of its Global Advisor survey which is focused on “shopping behaviours”. The study featured 27 countries and over 19,000 interviewees.

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