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ANZ Opens Android Wallet

SYDNEY – More than two million customers from the ANZ Bank and eight credit unions will soon be able to make mobile payments via Android smartphones and other gadgets, electronic payments service Eftpos has announced.

The mobile tap-and-pay service will use a token system for increased security, replacing consumer card data from the Eftpos payment network with a unique identification token that can be used for payment without exposing confidential information, Eftpos says.

More than 1 million Eftpos “tap & pay” cards have been issued by Australian financial institutions, and Eftpos is expecting that number to reach more than 3 million by the end of 2017.

Apple smartphone users have been able to use their mobile to make payments via the phone’s digital wallet since last month.

The ANZ says it now offers Apple Pay, Fitbit Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay, making it the only bank in Australia to back four third-party wallets.

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