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More European Countries Asked To Ban Huawei

Huawei who are ramping up their retail presence in Australia after many retailers rejected their products because of bans and security fears is now facing potential bans in Europe.

Already banned from being a supplier in the UK, Australia and the USA, USA officials are now twisting the arms of European nations to follow their lead.

After the UK ditched Huawei from its 5G infrastructure and ordered companies to get rid of Huawei hardware from their existing network by 2027, the United States pressuring the likes of France, Germany, and Italy to ditch Huawei.

Keith Krach.

Keith Krach, the undersecretary of state for economic affairs, has warned Germany and Italy that Huawei is “an arm of the CCP surveillance state and a tool for human rights abuse.”

He has also recommended Finland-based Nokia and Sweden-based Ericsson for the 5G infrastructure development in Europe, adding that these two were the only companies that European governments should choose. He said that the company’s involvement in European 5G mobile networks would put the NATO alliance at risk.

Germany and Italy are in the discussion about whether to allow the telecom giant to participate in building the nation’s 5G network. The development comes after the U.K. and France have banned Huawei, bowing down to the pressure from the U.S.

The United States has already put several sanctions on the Chinese giant, making it practically impossible for the world’s largest smartphone company to survive in the premium smartphone market. The U.S. is also attempting to shut it out from the 5G market by forcing suppliers to seek a license for doing business with Huawei.

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