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More Ads Coming For LG TV’s As They Upgrade Web OS

After a recent overhaul of LG Electronics’ TV business this year, the company stated this particular part of the commerce is going in a new path to support its smart home ambitions.

LG has said before that it would like to be a “smart life solution company” but didn’t elaborate on what that would look like. Presumably, plans will include adding its technological skill into smart homes, transport, and commercial situations, whereas the TV strategy seems to be focused on webOS.

Additionally, ads seem to be a large part of their revenue strategy with the company intending to incorporate more advertising within the operating system, and additional ad-supported services on webOS, including more effort put towards developing LG Channels.

LG CEO William Cho stated during his speech in Seoul that the TV department will head the future advancement of LG in total.

Further, LG has assured that along with the addition of ads, this is all part of grand plans to become the completely connected smart life company that it has the ambitions to become.

This branding of building out a completely integrated smart home that is completely interconnected also aligns with what we are seeing in the consumer tech space – everything more connected and personalised for a fully optimised, streamlined experience.

To achieve this, LG is banking on consumers buying LG’s smart life solution company concept and the TV division moving on to become a robust ‘media and entertainment service provider’. We’ll see if ads hurt or help their vision.

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