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New Threads Update Brings A ‘Follows’ Tab

The Threads app will be getting a “follows” tab with the latest update, however it’s not what users have been asking for.

It lives on the activity page and will only allow users to view a list of users that recently following you. Previously, recent followers were found in the “all” tab on the activity page, and there are two other filters for “quotes” and “reposts” which allow users to filter recent activity through who reposted or quoted a thread.

The app will also roll out translations, and although it isn’t present yet, it is expected to appear at the bottom of a post, alongside the like, reply, repost, and share options.

Some minor changes include notifications from users not followed, improvements to activity feed scrolling, and an option to follow people through a post’s replies section. If these changes don’t appear, it has been advised to restart the app, or wait until the end of the day. However, an Android rollout is still not clear.

Some users are also hoping a “following-only” feed is on the way, in an effort to make the app more pleasant to use.

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