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Microsoft Woos Xbox 360 Users To Series X With Free Cloud Saves

Microsoft is enticing Xbox 360 users to upgrade to the new Series X and S consoles with an offer of free cloud saves.

Previously only available to Xbox Live Gold customers on the second-generation 360, cloud saves will now be open to all 360 owners to make it more appealing to take the $749 plunge on the Series X. It will enable 360 users to upload game data to the cloud, then download the same data to their new consoles to pick up where they left off in their old games.

Microsoft is touting the backwards compatibility of its next-gen consoles, which will be able to play games from all three previous Xbox generations (original Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One). According to Peggy Lo, Compatibility Program Lead, Xbox, the backward compatibility team has been working hard to ensure old games are playable on the Series X and S.

“Playing the games will be just as easy and magical as it’s always been,” she said. “Simply insert your favourite backward compatible Xbox One, Xbox 360 or original Xbox disc into your Xbox Series X, install the game, and you’ll be ready to play.”

Additionally, old games will enjoy a number of visual enhancements on the new consoles, including higher framerates and an “Auto HDR” feature which automatically adds HDR enhancements to games that initially shipped with only SDR.

“Auto HDR enhances the visual quality of an SDR game without changing the original artistic intent of the game. Auto HDR is implemented by the system so developers don’t have to do any work to take advantage of this feature.

“Also, since Auto HDR is enabled by the console’s hardware, there is absolutely no performance cost to the CPU, GPU or memory and there is no additional latency added ensuring you receive the ultimate gaming experience,” said Lo.

According to Lo, preserving old games is “fundamental to the DNA” of Xbox, and the backwards compatibility on the new consoles will allow gamers to experience new features while retaining the original developers’ vision.

“We believe your favourite games and franchises, your progression and achievements, your Xbox One gaming accessories and the friendships and communities you create through gaming should all move with you across generations.

“We also fundamentally believe that not only should you be able to play all of your games from the past without needing to purchase them again, but they should also look, feel and play better on the next generation of Xbox consoles,” she said.

The Xbox Series X and cheaper digital-only Series S will release in Australia on November 10.

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