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Microsoft Patent Suggests Surface Duo 3 With Galaxy Fold Design

With foldable devices being the talk of the tech world, it looks like Microsoft is looking to capitalize with a new Surface product, according to a new patent.

The new patent reveals a foldable design for what could very well be the Surface Duo 3, following up on the often forgotten about Surface Duo 2 that was launched in October last year, riddled with issues and sporting a high price-tag.

The patent itself refers to a ‘FOLDABLE DISPLAY DEVICE’, as the pictures already suggest, however previous rumors suggest that that the new device is the Surface Duo 3.

According to a report by WindowsLatest, Microsoft may be planning on releasing a new Surface Duo device next year.

The patent was filed last year and was published earlier in the year. Whilst the Surface Duo 2 was already a foldable device, it made use of two separate screens joined together with a hinge, rather than what the patent shows, which is a single foldable display.

The patent seems to also reveal some similarities between the new device and the newly released Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4. The patent documents say that the device can rotate between zero and 360 degrees, whilst the pictures suggest that the new device could be a handheld foldable phone, acting as a phone when folded close, and a tablet when open.

No Android manufacturer has ever attempted to develop a device that folds both inwards and outwards, so the new form factor could unlock new functionality provided that Microsoft develop an appropriate user interface.

Rumors of a Microsoft foldable phone have arisen, but with no confirmation. As with many patents, this could lead to no product at all.

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