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Microsoft To Kill Internet Explorer Support Next Year

Microsoft is set to kill support for Internet Explorer across its entire Office 365 stable and services next year, as it moves focus to the next-gen Edge browser.

The company has been working on axing Internet Explorer usage and support for many years, accelerating after the debut of the Edge browser in 2015.

Microsoft has been moving existing Windows 10 users to its new Chromium-based Edge browser. The company states new devices and future Windows feature updates will include the new Edge browser.

On August 17, 2021 Internet Explorer 11 support will no longer be supported on Microsoft Office 365, Outlook and more.

Internet Explorer 11 support for the Microsoft Teams web app is also set to cease on November 30 this year.


The company hopes the new Internet Explorer legacy mode within the Chromium-based Edge browser will help pry certain enterprise users off Internet Explorer 11.

Microsoft is also set to drop support and security updates for its legacy version of Microsoft Edge on March 9, 2021.

Further information is available on Microsoft’s website here.



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