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DJI Slash Global Jobs Amid China Trade Tensions

The world’s largest consumer drone company, DJI, has issued sweeping global jobs cuts as the company wrestles with strained political tensions with its home country of China, and the economic impact of COVID19.

According to Reuters, the company has more than halved its HQ corporate sales and marketing team, with other cuts from its consumer side.

Global cuts include video production team members, marketing personnel and many others.

A DJI spokesperson informed Reuters its internal structure was “becoming unwieldy to manage”, with the realisation occuring in 2019 after years of steady growth.

Whilst the spokesperson declined to offer specific numbers of staff layouts, the company admits “challenging times” resulted in “some difficult decisions to realign talent.”

The company is reportedly scaling back and culling many of its 14,000 workforce.

The news comes as the US government bars the use of Chinese-owned TikTok over data privacy concerns, coupled with the loss of Huawei’s Android license.

Earlier this year, the US Department of the Interior grounded its fleet of DJI drones over security concerns.

DJI has continued to reject allegations of data privacy vulnerabilities, and concerns over its link to the Chinese government.

According to Reuters, two former international senior executives left earlier this year after fallouts with their Chinese HQ, with both roles reportedly now held by individuals who have transferred from Shenzhen in the last year.

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