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Microsoft CoPilot Comes To Outlook

Next month, Microsoft will be rolling out CoPilot features for Office widely, including the ability for it to read emails, learn the user’s writing style, and compose messages. 

Over the last year, millions have used ChatGPT to help with tasks like writing messages. One thing AI has perfected is mimicking speech, proven by Character.ai and Meta. 

By having the ability to create emails in the style of the user, it marks an important milestone in the influence AI has on communication between individuals. It can not only fill in a few words, but also write an entire condolence note, or professional email. It will train using emails and make limitations more convincing. The feature will appear next every email. 

Microsoft have claimed this is one of the most requested features from business consumers testing CoPilot. Lumen Technologies said it’s eager to try the email compositions of CoPilot.  

“It’s weird, but this whole space is. We’re all learning this new age of AI,” the head of Lumen said. 

These messages won’t carry any disclosure to recipients, with the writing being compared to a human assistant. Microsoft said it will be available to any employee of a company willing to pay an additional fee for usage. A consumer version has only recently entered a testing phase. 

AI is said to unlock many possibilities for improving productivity and delegating tasks. OpenAI recently introduced a voice service that can compose and read stories aloud.  

What else can we expect from the AI tools? 

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