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Microsoft Announces Dolby Atmos Is Coming To Xbox

Microsoft has announced it’ll be bring the next-generation high-resolution audio experience of Dolby Atmos to gamers on both its Xbox home console and Windows 10 platforms.

According to Mike Ybarra, Xbox’s Head of Platform Engineering, “At Team Xbox, we are all gamers first, and bringing Dolby Atmos support to Xbox One and Windows 10 gaming next year will bring you even further inside the action and sound of your favorite titles. A big thank you to the team at Dolby for their partnership; we’re excited to share more with the Xbox community next year.”

It’s a feature that rival Sony have yet to roll into their own Playstation 4 and one that Microsoft says “game developers are excited about using the new capabilities to make their games richer and more engaging.”

They say “With Dolby Atmos, sound moves precisely all around and above you. You can hear where your allies and enemies are in three-dimensional space. Snipers on the roof? You’ll hear them over your left shoulder and know where to aim to take them out. The same goes for an attacker with a jet pack hovering behind you”

“Beyond its tactical advantages, Dolby Atmos also makes your experience of a game much more intense. You’ll feel like you’re inside the action as the voices, sounds and music move all around you.”

Users enrolled in the Microsoft Preview program can currently test-drive Atmos support for the Blu-rays, with Microsoft indicating the full rollout for the feature will be due in 2017.


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