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Microsoft Acquires Brisbane Software Company Clipchamp

Microsoft has acquired Brisbane-based video editing software company Clipchamp, for an undisclosed amount.

The company will most likely roll the Clipchamp editing suite, which currently boasts over 14 million worldwide users, into its 365 offering.

“Few companies in tech have the legacy and reach that Microsoft has,” said Alexander Dreiling, the CEO and co-founder of Clipchamp.

“We all grew up with iconic Microsoft products and have been using them ever since. Becoming part of Microsoft allows us to become part of a future legacy. Under no other scenario could our future look more exciting than what’s ahead of us now.

“At Clipchamp we have always said that we’re not suffering from a lack of opportunity, there absolutely is an abundance of opportunity in video. We just need to figure out how to seize it. Inside Microsoft we can approach seizing our opportunity in entirely new ways.”

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