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Personal Health Gadgets Becoming Mainstream

In 2019, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook told CNBC: “If you zoom out into the future, and you look back, and you ask the question, ‘What was Apple’s greatest contribution to mankind?’ It will be about health.”

It’s not surprising, given that quote, that Apple is about to launch a new wearable that will, over the next few years, track a range of health conditions, like diabetes, heart rate, and blood pressure.

Also not surprisingly, the trend seems to be going mainstream, with electric devices being more and more used to monitor or take care of personal care.

A survey taken in June, reveals that 64 per cent of US broadband households have “experienced a remote health consultation”, while 55 per cent own an “internet-connected health or fitness device that captures biometric data.”

This is according to a report from the Parks Associates. “Analyst Insight: Consumer Trends in Telecare and Connected Health” surveyed 5,000 broadband connected households.

In quarter two of 2019, only 15 per cent of households had used internet technology in connection to health.

“The use of electric devices has skyrocketed,” reported Kristen Hanich, senior analyst for Parks Associates.

“Technology is now perceived as a valuable tool as opposed to a threat.”


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