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Microsoft’s Activision Acquisition Under Scrutiny

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are upon a group of Senators that have written to Federal Trade Commission Chairwoman Lina Khan asking her to scrutinise Microsoft’s planned A$91.85 billion takeover of Acitvision Blizzard.

The group fears that the acquisition could harm current investigations into Activision management after company-wide accusations of sexual abuse, discrimination, and harassment at the company. They also fear that CEO Bobby Kotick may have negotiated “a graceful exit” as part of the negotiations.

“This lack of accountability, despite shareholders, employees, and the public calling for Kotick to be held responsible for the culture he created, would be an unacceptable result of the proposed Microsoft acquisition,” the letter says, about citing concern over “consolidation in the tech industry and its impact on workers.”

“Workplace culture is a critical priority for Microsoft,” Microsoft Corporate VP and General Counsel Lisa Tanzi said of the complaints.

“We believe Activision Blizzard will continue making progress, and we’re committed to further progress after the deal closes. We will constructively engage on unionisation issues and will further discuss all of this with the FTC.”

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