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Meridian Launches New Audio Integration With Sonos

Cogworks, the Australian Meridian distributor, has announced Meridian Audio is now partnering with Sonos for seamless music streaming.

This new relationship means Hi-Fi specialists and integrators now have the opportunity to provide Meridian’s signature audio quality to Sonos customers, who can seamlessly stream their music from the Sonos app to their Meridian systems.

The Works with Sonos programme certifies products that connect seamlessly with the Sonos home sound system.

Thanks to this partnership, Meridian products can become part of an existing Sonos system or be the start of a new one. Simply combine a Sonos Port or Connect with a Meridian controller and any associated Meridian loudspeakers.

“I’m delighted that we have added a certified Works with Sonos integration to our award-winning zone controllers,” said Barry Sheldrick, Director of Sales at Meridian.

“This is a key move in enabling integrators to easily connect a high-performance zone from Meridian, whilst offering the client the Sonos user interface that they know and love. Sonos is an incredibly popular platform that supports so many streaming services. Combining this flexibility with our resolution enhancement technologies and incredible loudspeakers is a perfect partnership.”

Software that enables this integration is now available for the Meridian 218 and 251 and can be downloaded from the link below.

Software for further Meridian 800 series products will follow in due course.

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