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Melbourne AR Studio Lands Deal With Netflix, Google

Melbourne-based tech company PHORIA has teamed with Netflix and Google to create an immersive augmented reality experience to promote Netflix’s new David Attenborough series “Our Planet”.

The studio’s REWILD exhibition is the first shared and ongoing AR experience to operate across three locations simultaneously — launching in Singapore, Bristol and New York.

It combines 2D storytelling with AR gameplay to reveal how Earth’s biomes have degraded over time and prompt users to work together to restore the damage and experience wild animal encounters.

REWILD is built with PHORIA’s CAPTUR3D software platform which created a virtual clone of each exhibition site which aligns digital information from visitor’s phones via Google’s ARCore software with an ARUP-engineered physical installation.

Netflix’s “Our Planet” focuses on the damage inflicted on the environment due to human interaction and encourages viewers to restore balance to the planet.

The REWILD experience encourages global collaboration to reemphasise the documentary’s aim.

“REWILD Our Planet showcases how AR has the power to build bridges between people and the places they love,” says a statement on the company’s site.

“Users don’t just learn about consequences, but that something can be done. If we combine our voices, we can make real change. One Voice. One Planet. Our Planet.”

AR is increasingly becoming a bigger part of everyday lives, with the technology becoming more and more refined offering solutions to real-world situations as well as expanding gaming opportunities.

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