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Yamaha’s Connected Blu-ray Player Makes TVs Smart


One way it does this is by connecting to your home network. As it is DLNA certified, PCs, Macs or Networked Attached Storage (NAS) devices can stream Full HD (1080p) videos to the S473, which are then played on your TV. There is also the option of accessing YouTube directly.

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These tricks are in addition to its 3D Blu-ray repertoire, which consists of BD-Live and BonusView interactive features.

Because the S473 is a social device, speaking to other devices through HDMI-CEC technology, the remote of your compatible TV can be used to control it. Furthermore, a forthcoming update to Yamaha’s AV Controller app will allow iOS and Android users to control it from their smartphone or tablet.

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Connections include a single HDMI output, an Ethernet port, a USB port on the front and another on the back.

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Yamaha’s S473 is available now for $229.